Xmasgain Review (Is Xmas Gain Legit Or Scam?) How To Register & Make Money

Xmasgain pays her members for sharing sponsored post via Facebook. As a member, you earn and get paid when you complete some certain tasks daily. In this Xmasgain review we’ll talk about how to register, earn & withdraw.

We’ll also consider some areas and determine whether it’s safe for you to join. Questions like is Xmasgain legit?, is Xmasgain real? And is Xmasgain scam?, Will also be answered.

There are many sites that promises or claim to pay but in the end they end up running away with people’s money. So, how do you know if a platform is real or not? It is through reviews like these that educates you on wether it’s safe to join a platform or not.

I’ll advice you then to go through this article and decide for yourself as to wether to join or not. However, we’ll also give our personal recommendation in this article. What we think and what you should do.

First of all, let’s get to know more about Xmas gain, shall we?

About Xmasgain | How Xmasgain Works (Review)

Xmasgain can be simply defined as a platform or website that pays you to carry out tasks. Like already mentioned, you could be assigned to share, like or comment on a Facebook post to earn.

I think the name is derived from this festive period (Xmas). And as it stands, a lot of people need funds to flex and enjoy life during this period. To make this flexing possible, we’ve got Xmasgain. So, Xmasgain platform gives you the opportunity to make money and sort out any bills you’ve got.

This platform is built for everyone. That includes students, wives, business people and even working class people. Again, if you are a person that doesn’t like to refer before withdrawing, then Xmasgain got you covered. So, even without referring, you can still earn and withdraw your money.

Xmasgain Registration/Signup | How To Register/Join xmas gain

Xmasgain registration cost N2,000 only. To become a member of xmasgain, all you need to do is to buy a coupon code here and register using this link. After Signing up you’ll receive a welcome bonus of 1,000XPT.


You can earn after registration by performing 3 tasks, which is logging in, sharing sponsored post and commenting on a post.

When you login to your xmasgain account you’ll receive 100XPT. Sharing of sponsored post/viral post will earn you 100XPT. While commenting on a post in the website will earn you 100XPT. So, in a day you will earn a maximum of 300XPT.

How xmasgain works

Note that 8500XPT equals 5,000 Naira. XPT stands for Xmasgain point(s). Anything less than 8,500 isn’t worth a Naira.

Xmasgain Referral/Affiliate System

If you refer/register someone on xmasgain, you will earn referral bonus of 1,200 Naira. That is what you will earn for each person that joins through your referral link. Imagine how much you could make with this affiliate opportunity.

Indirect referral bonus is 150 Naira. This means that of the person you referred or registered refers someone else, you’ll also earn.

For XmasGain coupon code & registration, chat us on WhatsApp @ 08068263937

Xmasgain Earnings | How To Earn On Xmasgain

On Xmasgain there are two main ways you could make money, and they are:

1. Viral/Sponsored post/Tasks: Viral or sponsored post are assigned tasks you can complete daily and earn income. With this feature you have the opportunity to make money and get paid without referring anyone.

2. Referrals/Affiliate System: Xmasgain also makes provision to reward members commissions when they sign up other persons to the platform. It is the quickest way to make money. Have in mind that it isn’t compulsory to refer.

XmasGain Withdrawal | Withdrawal Time & Days | How To Withdraw From Xmasgain & Minimum Withdrawal

To withdraw on xmasgain you first need to reach a minimum withdrawal threshold. For non-referral withdrawal, the minimum to withdraw is 8,500XPT. Withdrawal Days for non-referral earnings is on 30th/every end of the month.

Referral bonus minimum withdrawal is N2,400 only. And you can withdraw daily between 4pm-5pm.


To make a withdrawal on xmasgain, kindly login to your account, click on the Menu and select “place withdrawal”. Then enter the amount that you want to withdraw. You’ll be paid within 24hrs after your cashout.

Is Xmasgain Legit?

Yes, Xmasgain is legit. This platform has been confirmed to be paying as they claimed. So, we rightly conclude that it is legit.

We are sure to update this article if in the future this platform no longer keep to its word.

Is Monivest Scam?

No, Xmasgain is not scam. This is because they have stand to their word of paying their members. We can’t call is scam if it’s still active & paying.

Extra Features You Can Enjoy On Xmasgain

Weekly challenges which could earn you extra income and gifts. More information will be made about the challenge as times goes on.


That is all we have to say regarding xmasgain review. We’ve been able to touch different aspects of it. If there are any questions you have, you might drop it below via the comments section.

If you are having a hard time signing up on xmasgain, chat us now for registration & guidance. ( 08068263937 )

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