Review (Legit or Scam?) ₦1,000 Discount Registration, How SmartGold Works, Sign Up, Coupon Code, & Earn

SmartGold is a Networking & Affiliate Marketing Company where you Explore Diverse Earning Opportunities and also Learn High income Digital Skills. The platform has two earning packages namely: Sliver Networking and Gold Affiliate with two extra earning methods being SmartGold App and Smart Salary. SmartGold Review will reveal to everything you need to know about this platform, whether it’s legit or scam? As well as how it works, coupon code, registration, how to earn and withdraw.

We all know that most of the income nowadays comes from online. This means that making money online has become a norm in today’s society. You could be staying home and making huge numbers than the “9-5 guys”. Most online income today comes from forex, crypto, affiliate, networking, content creation (via social media), blogging, surveys, etc.

Speaking of surveys, there are some websites that will even pay you to perform simple tasks online and get paid without referrals. You could be paid to like, follow or comment on social media pages like Facebook, TikTok, etc.

Websites/platforms which would pay you for such simple tasks includes You don’t necessarily need to to refer people before you get paid. However, if you want to refer SmartGold offers also an affiliate package which makes you earn more as you refer. There are lots of interesting features we will also talk about regarding SmartGold platform in this review.

Before you decide to register I’m sure you would want to know how SmartGold works, as well as how to make money from it. So, sit tight as i unveil to you everything that you need to know in this review before registration.

About SmartGold Platform (What is All About?)

SmartGold is a multiple earning platform that pays you for surveys, affiliate, spin and win, influencing, games, etc.daily. Smartgold has two packages. Silver Networking Package are for those who perform tasks to earn, while Gold Affiliate Package are meant for those that can refer. So automatically you should already know your capabilities and choose which package to go for or even both of them. We will talk more about each of them one after the other for more clarification

Asides daily earning you also get to learn and acquire topnotch skills, play games and earn, publish and market ebooks, and also buy & sell to make money. We’ll talk about these features one after the other for easier understanding.

SmartGold will be launched on 1st April. The main motive of SmartGold is to make people financially free, both those that can refer and those that can not.

SmartGold isn’t just for Nigerians alone. Ghanaians and Cameroonians are eligible to register. They get paid their earnings via their preferred bank. E.g MOMO. Below are their registration fee and earning structure.

How Does SmartGold Works? (SmartGold review)

SmartGold works very simple. First, you need to understand that there are two packages called Silver Networking and Gold Affiliate. Silver Networking package offers members the opportunity to perform tasks and earn, and also refer to earn. On the other Gold Affiliate Package offers the opportunity for users to just refer without any daily tasks and earn bigger, solely based on referrals.

How works

SmartGold are capable of paying her non-referral members via the revenues earned from their websites through ads companies like Google Adsense and sponsored contents. This way, members who can’t refer can get paid too without issues.

Before you can start making money on SmartGold you need to become a member by signing up with a one time registration fee of $5.50 (Silver Networking package) $10 (Gold Affiliate package) respectively. After registration you can start making money from carrying out your daily assigned tasks, or refer to earn, depending on your package.

Take note of the standard converting rate on

NAIRA: $1 in SmartGold equals N1,000.
GHANA CEDIS: $1 in SmartGold equals 10GHC.
XAF: $1 = 818XAF

Silver Networking Package Earning Structure (Nigeria)

Sliver networking EARNING STRUCTURE Amount
Registration fee $5.5/N5,500
Welcome Bonus GC3000
Daily Advert GC300
Daily Login GC200
E-book Earnings (Promoter) 60-70%
Referral bonus $4.5/N4,500
Indirect referral bonus $0.20/N200
2nd indirect referral $0.15/N150
Minimum non-referral withdrawal GC20,000
Minimum referral withdrawal $11/N11,000
Conversion Rate $1 Equals N1,1000

SmartGold Ghana Earning Structure For Sales Package

Sliver networking EARNING STRUCTURE Amount
Registration fee $5.5/55GHC
Welcome Bonus GC3000
Daily Advert GC300
Daily Login GC200
E-book Earnings (Promoter) 60-70%
Referral bonus $4.5/45GHC
Indirect referral bonus $0.20/25GHC
2nd indirect referral $0.15/10GHC
Minimum non-referral withdrawal GC20,000
Minimum referral withdrawal $11/110GHC
Conversion Rate $1 Equals 10GHC

SmartGold Cameroon Earning Structure For Sales Package

Sliver networking EARNING STRUCTURE Amount
Registration fee $5.5/4500XAF
Welcome Bonus GC3000
Daily Advert GC300
Daily Login GC200
E-book Earnings (Promoter) 60-70%
Referral bonus $4.5/3500XAF
Indirect referral bonus $0.20/200XAF
2nd indirect referral $0.15/80XAF
Minimum non-referral withdrawal GC20,000
Minimum referral withdrawal $11/8998XAF
Conversion Rate $1 Equals 818XAF

There are also incentives on the Sales package which you’ll earn after attending to some levels. These incentives includes a Brand New car, iPhone 14, Laptops, sponsored trips, etc. We’ll discuss further about these incentives in the later part of this review. Now let’s talk about how the Gold Affiliate Package works.

Gold Affiliate Package Earning Structure

Sliver networking EARNING STRUCTURE Amount
Registration fee $10
Referral bonus $7
Indirect referral bonus $1
Minimum referral withdrawal $14

Note: Sliver package ($5.5) can’t refer Gold Package ($10) while Gold can refer both and earn. You can always upgrade your Silver Networking package to Gold Affiliate anytime you want. If someone you registered upgrades, you’ll earn $3 bonus.

Amazing Features On Gold Package

  1. After Sign up you gain access to SIG Program and also access to affiliate on other Digital Courses to earn more commission
  2. Uploading of interesting Story Books and get paid when people purchase
  3. Having Full Access to our Smart Income Generator Course SIG (Note: You can also Resell the course and get 60 percent Commission per sales)
  4. Resell Other Digital Course products on the Sales Market and get Commissions per sales.

How To Register On SmartGold (SmartGold Sign Up/Registration)

SmartGold registration cost a one-time fee of $5.5 (Silver Networking package) and $10 (Gold Affiliate package), which you’ll pay through buying coupon code and then use it to sign up. The coupon code therefore makes up for your registration fee.

However, I’m offering N1,000 discount registration to first 67 people (Nigerians) to sign up under me on the sliver networking package. Meaning you get to register for N4,500 instead of N5,500 >>> Click here for discount registration now!!.

For registration, buy a coupon code from the link below and follow the instructions below:

  1. Buy coupon code here
  2. Use this link to register
  3. Fill your information
  4. Create account

Note: Without the coupon code, one can’t sign up. That’s why you need to buy the coupon code first. Your one-time coupon code payment makes up for your registration fee and you won’t have to pay any money again.

Ensure to you follow these registration steps accurately, mentioned above. If you are having difficulties signing up, click here to chat me on WhatsApp. Or WhatsApp me @ +2349163163142 (WhatsApp only)

SmartGold Coupon Code (how to buy SmartGold coupon code)

Silver Networking package coupon code cost $5.5/N5,500 (discount @ N4,500) while Gold Affiliate Package coupon cost $10/N10,000. These coupon codes makes up for your registration fee and you won’t have to pay any money again after buying. Buy coupon code via this link now.

SmartGold Earn Money (How To Earn On

You can earn money on SmartGold through the following ways:

  • Tasks (non-referral earnings)
  • SmartGold App (Earn as an influencer)
  • Affiliate (referring)
  • Ebook sales
  • Etc.

SmartGold is a project that will turn you into a millionaire if you take it seriously and utilize many of its earning opportunities.

If you’re the type who can’t refer people then this platform is for you! You can earn more than N90,000 monthly salary on by completing tasks and enjoying other features.

SmartGold Other Features

1. Buying And Selling Of Crypto: Through Our App or Site (Smart Exchange). Our Rate are always User Friendly

Note: “we also Give Crypto Updates Tips For Free on the crypto Blog Page”.

2. Vtu Recharge Crypto: Through Our
App or Site (Smart Billing Point)

• Buy Airtime
• Buy Data
• Recharge Decoders
• Fund your Betting Wallet

SmartGold Courses

Below are the courses you can make cool income with

  1. Sig Dollar Cashout program
  2. Facebook Ad for Smartphones
  3. Smartphone Graphics Design
  4. Web Design (Smartphone/Laptop)
  5. Smart Crypto Course
  6. Mini importation
  7. Email Marketing
  8. Copy writing

7 Powerful Sig Courses:

  1. Fast income Affiliate marketing Blueprint (About affiliate marketing and how to Earn 50%-70% commission on each sales as an affiliate)
  2. Facebook Ad for Smartphones (Course on how to Run Facebook Advert to Generate Good leads with your smartphone and earn 6 figures weekly)
  3. Quicktab Smartphone Graphic design (Course on how to create good graphics with your smartphone and earn 6 figures weekly)
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Personal branding
  6. Web design for smartphone (how to design good looking websites with your smartphone without coding)
  7. Smart Crypto Course ( Course on how to Store & Trade Cryptocurrencies with your smartphone and earn 6 figures when you master the craft)

About SmartGold App (APK Download)

SmartGold App is an Entertainment App That gives Entertainer, Influencers, WhatsApp TVs/Media and our users opportunities To earn while they post content and create amazing content like videos, Music, Meme, etc.

SmartGold app (APK) download

This app is available on App Store and Playstore. It An Amazing App that gives opportunities to Earn just like TikTokers Earn.

SmartGold Affiliate Program

Based on your package here’s how you earn commissions upon referring people to join Smartgold:

Bonus Type Silver Networking Gold Affiliate
Direct Referral N4,500 N4,500
Welcome Bonus N3,000 N4,500
Read News N200 N4,500
Click Ads N200 N4,500
Share Ads N300 N4,500
Referral bonus N4,200 N4,500
Indirect referral bonus N300 N4,500
Minimum non-referral withdrawal N25,000 N4,500
Minimum referral withdrawal N10,000 N4,500 Login

Login to with your username and password you created your account with during registration.

SmartGold Withdrawals | How To Withdraw/Cashout

  • For Silver Networking package:

Silver Networking affiliate bonus withdrawal takes place every Mondays , Wednesdays and Fridays @ 9-11am with a minimum of $11. While non-referral earnings can be withdrawn every 30th of the month with a minimum of GC20,000

  • For Gold Affiliate Package:

Gold affiliate bonus withdrawal takes place every Saturdays with a minimum of $14. It will be automatically paid to you via the account details you’ll provide.

To withdraw on SmartGold Login to your dashboard, tap on “Withdraw” button and enter amount you wish to withdraw. Select the withdrawal button when you are done filling out the required info. You’ll receive your cashout between 0-24hrs after withdrawal.

Note: Make sure your bank account aligns with your given names you’re using before placing withdrawal.

SmartGold Proofs Of Payments

Below here are proofs of payments for SmartGold:

Is SmartGold Legit? (review)

Yes. SmartGold is legit. So far SmartGold has proven to be real & legitimate through paying her members. There’s no reason to claim otherwise. So we can safely say that SmartGold is safe. If you’re ready to register click here now.

Is SmartGold Scam?

No. SmartGold isn’t a scam. A platform can be said to be a scam it fails to live up to its promise of paying the members. So far that hasn’t happen on SmartGold. Therefore, SmartGold isn’t scam. If in any way it stops paying, we’ll ensure to let you know about it.

SmartGold Sliver Networking Incentives

As much as referrals are not compulsory on SmartGold, you could still win some amazing incentives/prizes if you are so good in referring.

Sliver networking incentives

Below here are some prizes you stand a chance to win the more you refer people to join SmartGold using your referral link

  1. 200 SALES = 32 Inches Plasma Tv/
    Cash equivalent
  2. 400 SALES = Washing machine with 50k cash
  3. 500 SALES = Deep Fridge /Cash equivalent
  4. 1000 SALES = IPhone 11 or 500k

Gold Affiliate Package Incentives

Those on Gold Affiliate package aren’t left out when it comes to incentives. Here’s what they are rewarded with:

  1. 100 SALES = Washing Machine with 50k cash
  2. 300 SALES = Laptop or PS4 with 50k cash
  3. 500 SALES = IPhone 12 Pro Max with 50k cash
  4. 1000 SALES = IPhone 15 or half Plot of Land

Gold affiliate Incentives

Why Join Smartgold?

Here are few reasons why you should choose SmartGold:

  • Duly registered by CAC
  • Advanced earning features
  • Global Recognition
  • Dual innovative structures
  • Advanced skills set
  • Marketplace positioning
  • Simple task system
  • Highest Affiliate bonuses
  • Payment System
  • Huge Ebook sales commission
  • Etc.

Yes. Smartgold is legit

SmartGold Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: When was SmartGold launched?

Answer: SmartGold will be launched on 1st April 2024.

Question: What are the payment methods available on SmartGold?

Answer: Bank transfer

Question: It is compulsory to refer someone on SmartGold before getting paid?

Answer: No

Question: Whom is SmartGold for?

Answer: Nigerians, Ghanaians and Cameroonians.

Question: How long will SmartGold last?

Answer: There is no certain time. But it’s a project that will last for a long time.

Question: How can i refer/register someone on SmartGold?

Answer: Follow the same steps you took during your registration, but this time making use of your referral link.

Question: Where can i find my referral link?

Answer: You can find your referral link on your dashboard after registration and logging into your account.

Question: I placed withdrawal but I’ve not been paid yet. Why?

Answer: SmartGold will pay you between 0-24hrs after requesting for withdrawal.


From this review, we’ve been able to explain to you how SmartGold works, if it’s legit or scam, how to register and make money, etc. We have been able to answer a lot of questions you were probably thinking about.

We can always assist you to register on SmartGold should incase you find it confusing or complex. We’re available on WhatsApp 24/7. Click here to chat us now for registration.

Continue visiting for more reviews and make money online updates!

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