Social Cash Review (All-In-One App For Social Media Access, Transactions, Buy Crypto, Airtime & Data)

Social Cash App - Buy & Sell Crypto, Airtime & Data | Buy, Send & Receive USD | Send & Receive Money | Escrow Service

Social Cash is a Social-FinTech company under TecheraX Global LTD, banking services by Providus Bank.

Social Cash app that allows you perform smooth bank transactions, buy Airtime, buy Mobile Data, access Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, simultaneously.

It is then well fitting to refer to it as the all-in-one app. This app will save you time and stress of multitasking.

In this Social Cash review, we’ll talk about how it works, how to register/become a member, how to buy & sell Airtime, Data, USD & Crypto, about referral bonuses, etc.

How Social Cash Works | Everything About Social Cash App

Personally, I’m not a big fan of Twitter and Instagram, i only make use of Facebook to socialize and then WhatsApp for business. One of the reasons is having to multitask across these 4 apps at once. But what if you had an app that can simultaneously earn you access you Facebook, Twitter & Instagram?

I never thought it could be possible until Social Cash app said it was, and it is possible. Yes, this app has even brought back my interest i once had for Twitter & Instagram. What is more? Not only can you access these 3 social media apps at once in one app, but you can send & receive money, buy USD, buy Airtime & Mobile Data.

In the later version of the app, you’ll also be able to send & receive dollars to & from Nigeria, between family & friends and business. You’ll also be able to buy & sell crypto via an escrow service in the app. You’ll be able to send cash with zero transaction fees and with just a username.

Another interesting feature i never expected is the fact that you can download videos on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter! We’ve all been in a situation whereby you see a funny or interesting video and you want to repost, but don’t know how to get it in your phone in the first place.

In you had no idea on how to download social media videos to your phone, then this is it. True, some of you know how to to copy a video link and make use of a third-party website or app in order to download it to your phone. But why go through those protocols when you could simply press a button and you video gets downloaded instantly and fast.

How to download videos on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter using Social Cash will be discussed in further details in this review.

Social Cash App Registration | How To Register/Sign Up On Social Cash

To sign up Social Cash, follow the instructions below.

1. Click this link to download Social Cash App
2. The link will take you to Google Playstore
3. Download/Install the app
4. Open the app and begin your registration
5. Use tonero as your referral code

After registration you can login your your Facebook, Twitter & Instagram account simultaneously.

Note: Social Cash do not sell nor store your Data like your login details. Your account will never be compromised as a result of using their app. It’s 100 percent safe.

After registration you also need to link your BVN before you could start making transactions. Again, your BVN and every other info your submit on Social Cash are safe.

“Social Cash are committed to providing her customers with unique and well defined services fit to compete with global social and financial institutions.”

How To Buy Airtime On Social Cash App

Follow the below step-by-step guide on how to buy/recharge Airtime using Social Cash App:

  1. Link Your BVN: As already mentioned, you need to link your BVN first as a new member before you can start making transactions.
  2. Fund Your Account: You need to get your Social Cash funded before you can purchase Airtime. To fund your account click on Wallet>>Add Cash>>. Your personalized Providus Bank account number.
  3. How to deposit/fund Social Cash account

  4. Pay To Account: Copy the account and send money to it via your normal bank app. Any amount you send through it will reflect on your dashboard. Your money should reflect within 5 seconds or less.
  5. Buy Airtime: Now that you’ve funded your account successfully, you can buy Airtime by clicking on the ‘Airtime’ button in the app. Then On the next select the network, amount and enter the mobile number you wish to recharge.

How to buy Airtime on Social Cash app

How To Buy Mobile Data On Social Cash App

  1. Link Your BVN: If you’ve not linked your BVN yet then you have to do so before any transactions. If you have already done so then skip this step.
  2. Fund Your Account: Remember, you need money in your balance before making any purchases. If you’ve exhausted your balance then follow the same protocol mentioned above to fund your account. That is, Wallet>>Add Cash>>. And pay to your personalized Providus Bank account number.
  3. Buy Data: With your funded balance, tap on the Data icon in the app homepage and select your preferred network, Data plan and your 11 digits phone number. You’ll receive your Data in few seconds after a successful transaction.

How to buy Data on Social Cash app

How To Download Facebook Videos Instantly Using Social Cash App

Download videos on the go whenever you need them. Now, here is how to download videos while browsing Facebook via Social Cash:

  1. Login To Your Facebook: You need to be logged in to your Facebook account via Social Cash app. And to do that simply tap on the Facebook icon just below the app homepage interface.
  2. Navigate To A Video: Now search for a video, preferably via a friend’s or page’s timeline.
  3. How to download videos on Facebook via Social Cash app

  4. Download Video Instantly: Now Assuming you’ve found the video, click on the video and you’ll find yourself in another interface which has the download icon embedded. Tap on the icon and the video will be automatically downloaded to your phone.

How To Download Instagram Videos Instantly Using Social Cash App

The all-in-one social app makes it possible for you to download videos anytime, anywhere. This is how to download videos instantly on Instagram using Social Cash App:

  1. Login To Your Instagram (IG): Just like Facebook, you too need to log in to your Instagram account via Social Cash App before you could download videos instantly. Click on the Instagram tab in the app to begin.
  2. Browse Through A Video: Typically on Instagram, a video will automatically play when you get to it. Now, while browsing through videos Instagram using Social Cash App, you’ll automatically be taken to another screen interface which has the download button. It happens so fast that you almost don’t notice the change but the download button.
  3. How to download Instagram videos using social cash app

  4. Download Video Instantly: Just tap on the download button and your video will be instantly downloaded without wasting any time.

Social Cash Referral Program

You can earn passive income as you promote Social Cash. You’ll earn 10% commissions for every purchase of either Airtime or Mobile Data that your downline performs. It’s a very attractive affiliate program where you earn without almost doing work.

To refer someone to Social Cash App and earn referral bonuses, ask the person to use your username as their referral code. For example, if you want to register use my username tonero as your referral code or ID.

Social Cash Withdrawal | How To Withdraw From Social Cash App

If you had received funds from friend via the app and wish to withdraw, or want to withdraw back your funded cash, simply tap on your wallet tab and select withdraw button, just below your cash balance.

Afterwards, enter the amount you wish to withdraw and the and your preferred local bank account. You should receive your money within 10 minutes.

How To Fund/Deposit Money On Social Cash App

To fund or deposit money in your Social Cash account, do the following:

  1. Open the app
  2. Click the wallet tab
  3. Tap on “Add Cash”
  4. Enter the amount
  5. Pay to your assigned bank
  6. Check back in few seconds after a successful message

How to deposit/fund Social Cash account

Social Cash N100K Monthly Allocation – How To Qualify

As a way of rewarding her members, Social Cash is allocating a monthly cash of N100k to qualified members. This allocated funds could be use to buy and sell in the Social Cash App.

To be eligible and make use of this allocated funds, you must have been a member for at least 6 months and also reach a total turnover of N1,000,000.

Is Social Cash App Safe To Use?

Yes, Social Cash app is 100 percent safe to use. It has observed all the Data and privacy policies of her members.

Social Cash will never store nor resell your information to the public without your permission. Any inputs done by you via the app are private and only known to you.

CEO Of Social Cash | Who Is The CEO/Founder Of Social Cash App?

Richard Idasenibo is the CEO and founder of Social Cash. He’s the brain behind this project. Richard is a techprenuer who hails from Bonny, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Social Cash Products & Services

1. Airtime: You can buy Airtime on social cash app easily even while using social media on it. Available Airtime to purchase are MTN, AIRTEL, GLO and 9MOBILE

2. Data: As easy as you can buy Airtime, you can do likewise when it comes to Mobile Data. Refer to the instructions in previous paragraphs on how to buy Data.

3. Giftcard: Have gift cards to sell? Look no more, Social Cash app will help you sell off your gift cards via one of their partners, ABOKITRADE. Your social cash account will be credited after a successful transaction.

4. Escrow: You can now buy or sell to a complete stranger without fear of being scammed. The escrow services on social cash acts as the middle man to ensure that transactions occurs without any cheats or scams involved.

With this feature not only can you sell digital products but you can also sell or buy physical products or goods. To use this service kindly click on the escrow button, select type of products and delivery days and leave a brief about your products. That’s all you got to do, the escrow will handle the rest and ensure successful transaction.

The escrow services is currently not available for now but will be available in later versions of the app.

5. Crypto: You can seamlessly buy or sell crypto on the go using social cash. All you have to do is pay in Naira while your receive your crypto in the equal amount.

Social Cash Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question 1: Does Social Cash buy or sell dollar based on Black Market rate or CBN rates?

Answer: Social Cash will only sell and buy dollars on black market rates and not CBN.

Question 2: Can i transfer the dollars from my “Cash Box”?

Answer: No, not yet. Currently you can’t transfer dollars. However, you’ll only be able to do so on the version 2 of the app and above.

Question 3: Is there a virtual card on Social Cash?

Answer: Yes. But provision will be made available via the version 2 of the app.

Question 4: Why can’t i see my N100k allocated funds?

Answer: Fund your account with a minimum of #100 and you’ll see it reflect on you dashy.

Question 5: What is my referral code?

Answer: Your username is your referral code. Earn commissions when people who used it for registration make purchases in the Social Cash app.

Question 6: What’s the minimum and maximum amount of US dollars (USD) i can buy?

Answer: A minimum of $10 and a maximum of $100k daily.

Question 7: Why Must i login to my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook account in the social cash app?

Answer: You need to login so as to stay connected to those mentioned social media. As already mentioned, social cash won’t expose or sell your data to anyone nor do the store them.


We’ve come to the end of Social Cash review. Throughout, we were able to discuss vital topics like how to make use of the app. There are a lot of updates, bonuses and incentives coming up in Social Cash App, so don’t miss out! Download app the app now and sign up using tonero as you referral code.

My personal viewpoint? Social Cash App is really a great app and the brain behind it is so brilliant. Even before this review i had made sure to explore this app and ensure it’s up to standard before recommending it to others. And here it is, fantastic!

We will constantly update this article as new updates unfolds in coming weeks, months and years. Have any questions? Drop a comment below or reach out to us via WhatsApp @ +2348081589232

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