Review (Is Viraltech Legit, Real Or Scam?) How To Register And Earn is an income program which rewards registered members for viewing contents assigned online. The rewards comes inform of money and prizes.

In this viraltech review we are to be discussing on different headings like, “how Viraltech works”, how to register, earn & withdraw from Viral-Tech, and it’s legitimacy, wether Viraltech is legit or scam.

With the present scarcity of cash in Nigeria, POS operators has significantly hiked their transaction fees. Imagine having to spend 50% of whatever cash you need. Really, your money is draining, so to speak, and you need to make money as fast as possible in order not to be cut in the middle of the whole drama.

Or are you a student currently struggling to pay your tuition fees, transportation or housing? Yes, you’ll agree with me too that you need to make money for real!

Literally, everyone wants to make money, fast, stress-free and online, if possible. You’ve probably been in and out of other stuffs like forex, blogging, or vlogging (YouTube) and it’s not working well for you. How about you try something else. Probably, something you’ve not tried before.

Yes, I’m talking about making money by just reading through some contents, liking them, etc. In other words, just pressing your phone, almost doing nothing to earn cash. Sounds cool right? It is possible? Yes! This this made possible by the one and only Viral-Tech.

Viraltech review is important because it’s the only avenue we get to about what the platform is really up to. This review will help you to know wether to join viral tech or not. Thus, you are advised to give your full attention to this well researched article.

About Viraltech Platform | What is Viral Tech All About?

Viral Tech is all about a platform or website which pays you for doing tasks like reading news a contents online. You can make up to N450,000 Monthly on Viraltech.

Viraltech has two packages you can subscribe to, and the both cost ₦2,000 and ₦3,500 respectively. You tend to earn more on the bigger package as the case may be.

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Viraltech was launched on 05-03-2023. Their aim is that money can be made easily while browsing with your phone.

How Does Work? (Viraltech Review)

Viral Tech works very simple. All you need is to register/sign up, complete tasks, make money and withdraw to bank. are capable of paying her members because they also make money anytime members like you visit their website to register and complete assigned tasks. Viral-Tech generate revenue to pay her subscribers through:

  • Propeller Ads
  • Google Adsense
  • Sign up commission
  • Sponsor Ads

To start earning on Viraltech, you obviously need to become a member first. And remember, there are two registration packages which cost ₦2,000 and ₦3,500. So, you can either pay low or higher, depending on the package you need.

This viraltech review will talk about how these two packages work. So that you’ll be able to decide which one is best for you. Keep reading!

How To Earn/Make Money On Viraltech

To make money on viral tech, you’ll need to perform tasks like reading & liking contents like news or sponsored posts.

To earn money performing tasks on viral tech, click on the menu and select “tasks”. Then you’ll find a like button below the latest post on their website.

On Viral Tech Basic Package, which cost ₦2,000, you’ll earn the sum of ₦400 daily after completing your task. While on the Ultra Package you’ll be making ₦600 Daily.

All this you earn on Viraltech without having to refer anyone. For viral tech registration DM on WhatsApp 08081589232

ViralTech Referrals/Affiliate Program

Referral bonus on Viraltech Basic Package is ₦1,400. While on Ultra Package you earn ₦2,600 for each person you refer.

Indirect referral is ₦200. (Indirect referral occurs when someone you referred refers someone else to the platform).

However, you must note that referral is not compulsory. Which means that even though you don’t refer/register someone, you’ll still get paid.

Viraltech Registration | How To Join Viraltech

To join viraltech, follow these steps below:

  1. Buy coupon code
  2. Register with this link
  3. Fill your information
  4. Accept Terms
  5. Tap on “Submit”

Endeavor to follow the above registration steps accurately. If you are finding it difficulty to register, chat me on WhatsApp via 08081589232. Login | How To Login To Viraltech Account/Dashboard

Logging in to your viral tech account would require you make use of your registered username and password.

Viral Tech Earnings | How Can You Earn On Viral-Tech?

How you can earn on Viraltech can be explained in two ways. First, through performing daily tasks, and secondly, by referrals. Remember, referrals aren’t compulsory. So if you don’t know how to refer, viral tech has provided another avenue so that you can still make money as a member.

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The edge you’d have over someone who doesn’t know how to refer is that you’ll make more money. Yes, you can decide to make ₦50k-100k daily!

Viraltech Withdrawals – When, How To Withdraw & Minimum Withdrawal

Viraltech withdrawal for referral earnings takes place daily, with a minimum amount of ₦3,000. Non-referral/Points can also be withdrawn anytime, with a minimum of 20,000.

To withdraw/cashout from viraltech, do the following:

  1. Meet the minimum requirements
  2. Login to your account
  3. Click on the “Cashout” button
  4. Input the amount you wish to withdraw
  5. Enter your bank details
  6. Tap on “submit”

Note: Your bank account names must tally with your viral tech names used during registration.

Payments Proofs Of ViralTech

Below here are proofs of payments for viral tech: proof of payment

Is Viraltech Legit?

Yes. Viraltech is legit. Viraltech has been confirmed to be legit and paying.

The above screenshots also stands as proof that viraltech is paying.

If you have too been paid by viraltech platform, you may do well to drop a review below. The same goes for if reverse is the case.

Is Viraltech A Scam?

No. Viraltech is not scam. We say this because this platform has paid her members just as promised.

We will also do our best to update if for any reasons viral tech suddenly stops paying in the future.

You could take part in this viraltech review by sharing your thoughts or concerns about viraltech, via the comments section below.

Amazing Features On Platform

  1. Top earner (automatic updated): You’ll get to see list of those who earn make most of the money on viral tech. This list is automatically updated each time a user’s earning grows.
  2. VTU (airtime and data purchase): On Viraltech you can simply purchase airtime or mobile data right there on the website with your earnings.
  3. Coupon checker: You can verify if a coupon code has been used already and which person made use of it.
  4. Marketplace: This is an open market where you would get to advertise you physical products and connect with buyers, and vice versa.
  5. Most Handsome And Beautiful Contest: How beautiful are you? What if you could make some money off it. That’s what the ‘most handsome and beautiful’ contest is all about.
  6. Spin To Win: A random spin could earn you some extra bucks.
  7. Skill Acquisition: You could also make use of your earnings/points to learn digital skills.
  8. Incentives & other yet to be unveiled features.

Outstanding Skills Acquisition Opportunities On Viraltech

  1. Forex Trading: Learn how to trade the financial markets that makes you money everyday.
  2. Organic Training: Such as Organic soaps, face creams, body wash, etc.
  3. Copywriting: You can also learn how to write for blogs/websites and get paid.
  4. Graphics: These includes Banners, Logo, etc.
  5. Mini Importation: This is an act of buying products cheap from abroad and reselling in Nigeria for massive profits.
  6. Web Development: Learn to create a website or Applications from scratch, coding.
  7. Business Advice: Get professional advice for your business.
  8. Crypto Classes: Get familiar with crypto terms and how to make money from it.
  9. How To Create A Whatsapp Tv: Become a popular brand and sell or advertise and make money using Whatsapp.

Why You Should Join Viral Tech

  • Reliable and Fast
  • Secured
  • Registered and approved
  • Smooth Withdrawal
  • User friendly interface
  • Withdraw without referrals
  • Daily Withdrawal
  • 24/7 Customer service

Openbox Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Who owns viraltech?

Answer: The owner of viral tech is not known, otherwise anonymous. This isn’t a bad sign though.

Question: What available payment/Withdrawal methods are available on Viraltech?

Answer: Bank transfer & BUSD BEP20 (Crypto)

Question: It is compulsory to refer someone before withdrawing on Viraltech?

Answer: No

Question: Will viraltech last?

Answer: Yes. it will last for long.

Question: How can i refer/register someone on Viraltech?

Answer: The same step you took to register, but this time using your referral link.

Question: I placed withdrawal but I’ve not been paid yet. Why?

Answer: viraltech pays b/w 24-48hrs after requesting for withdrawal.

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So far from this review we’ve talked about how it works, wether it’s legit or scam, how to earn, etc. For registration, chat me on WhatsApp now @ +2348081589232.

Continue visiting for more reviews and make money online updates!

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