Earn Up To 100k $EMC (Ethermail) From This Free Airdrop!

Ethereum came up with a naming service (Ethereum Name Service) and airdropped it native token $ENS that was worth a fortune to many people.

They are here with an Email provider service again and will be airdropping about 250 of its native token to everyone

This is definitely going to be worth a fortune ☺️

Some got as much as $4000 from the previous ENS and here’s your opportunity as well.

To let you know this will be worth it…without official token launch, it’s already available on CoinmarketCap and Coingecko 🥵

With recognition from CoinmarketCap and Coingecko even when they’ve not officially launch, you know what is coming right?!😳

Infact to top it all, Tim Draper joins EtherMail’s advisory board, which leads to $4 million raise.

Tim Draper joins EtherMail's advisory board, which leads to $4 million raise.

Instructions On How To Connect Your Wallet And Earn

  1. Download Trust wallet
  2. Copy and paste this link is the trustwallet browser https://ethermail.io?afid=642392740958c2d3af284d8d
  3. Tap on sign up for free
  4. Connect ur wallet via selecting wallet connect.
  5. Earn 250 $EMC After successful linking
  6. Each Referral earns u 250 $EMC

I advise that you accumulate as much as you can on this airdrop as it would be worth thousands of dollars in the space of few months!

$EMC Free Airdrop

Best of luck 👍

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