Monivest Review ( How Monivest Works, Registration, Earnings & Withdrawal )

Is Monivest Legit? Is Monivest Real? Is Monivest Scam?

Monivest is a platform that is designed to reward you for each tasks you carry out on their website. In this Monivest review we are going to talk about several subtopics including, how monivest works and how to register.

There’s almost no end to making money online as far as the digital age is concerned. Infact, that’s actually what most youths in Nigeria are making use of to take care of their bills – making money online.

However, it’s true that in the process of trying to earn money through online platforms like these one might end up being scammed. Therefore, it now becomes difficult to analyze if a platform is really legit or scam.

Fortunately, a review such as this one will help you to know if site is genuine or not. That forms the basics for monivest review. So first of all let’s get to know more about moni vest.

About Monivest (Review)

Monivest is a new promising website that her members as the work on the website. The work involves logging in daily and sharing sponsored post via Facebook.

You can also earn commissions from monivest each time you refer a friend to join using your referral link. Though not compulsory, referring is the fastest way to make money on Monivest.

The CEO of moni-vest is unknown. It doesn’t send a red flag either. Why? Because knowing the CEO won’t guarantee it won’t crash. So, we rather use other evaluations to determine its legitimacy. Read on!

Monivest Registration/Signup | How To Register/Join Monivest

Monivest registration cost N2,000 only. To become a member of monivest, all you need to do is to buy a coupon code here and register using this link. After registration you’ll receive a welcome bonus of N1,000 and 500MB worth of Data.

Right after you have registered on Monivest the next thing is to share sponsored post, also referred to as performing tasks. For each sponsored post you share, you will earn N200. You will also earn N100 daily for logging in. So that means you have to logout and login daily to earn it.

Referral commissions on Monivest is N1,200. Which means that for every person that registers with your referral link you will earn N1,200 each.

Indirect referral is N200. It means each time your downline ( the person you referred ) refers someone else you will also earn affiliate commissions.

For monivest coupon code & registration, chat 08081589232 on WhatsApp or click here.

Monivest Earnings | How To Earn On Monivest

On Monivest you earn through two major ways, namely:

1. Sponsored post/Activities/Task: Sponsored post are those activities or tasks you will perform daily in order to earn. If you can’t refer then this platform is meant for you.

2. Referrals/Affiliate System: Also as a member you have the opportunity to extra income when you refer people to join Monivest. Referring people is not compulsory though.

Monivest Withdrawal | Withdrawal Time & Days | How To Withdraw From Monivest & Minimum Withdrawal

Monivest withdrawal is simple. You can withdraw your referral/affiliate earnings when you reach a minimum amount of ₦2,000. And to arrive at that you’ll need to register only two people.

Withdrawal Days for monivest referral earnings withdrawal is from Mondays to Fridays by 8am – 10am.

As for non-referral/activities earnings you can withdraw them every last day of the month with a minimum of 8,000MP(Monivest Points)

To withdraw your money on Monivest, navigate to the withdrawal/cashout button on your dashboard and fill in the amount you wish to withdraw.

Is Monivest Legit?

No. Monivest is not legit. They have crashed and no longer paying as promised.

Is Monivest Scam?

Yes. Monivest is scam and no longer.

Extra Features You Can Enjoy On Monivest Platform

1. Buying Top-notch E-books
2. The Kings & Queens Of Monivest (Top Male & Female Referrals)
3. Buying Quality Courses With Activities Earnings
4. Free Data Giveaway
5. Monivest Auction


This is the end of our article on Monivest review. We’ve discussed briefly how this platform works, its legitimacy and how to register. Do well to come around this website some other time to get updated on make money online platforms. Still finding it hard to register? Contact us on WhatsApp for help +2348081589232

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