Acenaira review ( Is Legit, Real Or Scam?) See How To Register & Earn on Ace Naira

Acenaira is quite different from every other income platform you’ve learned about this year or ever! Yes, it’s elegantly designed matrix structure makes sure you earn and get paid without bringing even 1 person.

Say bye bye to platforms that claim to pay non-referral but ends up not when it’s time. In fact, to further convince you, there is nothing link referral bonus. So if someone had told you about Ace Naira, just know that it is of your own good and not his.

Still, even without the referral structure, you can make up to 51k within few weeks of joining. So, if you wanna have a #Detty_December fasten your seatbelt as i take you on a tour all around acenaira.

During this tour we’ll get to know more about ace naira, how it works, if it’s scam or legit, and how to earn and withdraw money from acenaira.

How Acenaira Works (review) | Everything About Ace Naira

Acenaira is a platform which pays members for just being a member. On acenaira, all you need to do & get paid is to be a member. No tasks nor referrals needed.

The concept of the matrix structure in this platform came into play when a group of intellectual guys sat down and reasoned, “There is money even when there is no money”. Yes, collectively there’s money but sparingly there seems to be too little.

So, for money to be made then, there has to be a collective idea. That’s, money will flow around when there’s a back to back collective transaction. Think about the the little as N50 monthly tax your bank charges you. To you it’s small, but what if you calculate that N50 times millons of fellow bank customers who are also charged? Those are Trillions of naira annually!

The same way a collective amount could result to so much money, acenaira birthed this earning structure whereby members gets to enjoy unlimited amount of money with just their registration fee of N1,000. Still, confused? Hold on!

How to Earn On Acenaira

To earn on acenaira, you first of all need to register an account with a one-time fee of N1,000. After registration 4 people will be automatically assigned under you by the system. And you’ll start earning per level. There are 4 levels to earn from: Level 1 N1,300, Level 2 N3,600, Level 3 N14,400, Level 4 N32,000.

Total earnings through all those 4 levels is N51,000. After completing the levels and withdrawing your money, you’ll need to open another account if you want to keep earning. Take note that you mustn’t complete all the 4 levels before you withdraw. Even level 1 alone can earn you a withdrawal.

Whoever joined the website after you’ve done so will automatically become your downline. So, you need to join early. And the more people signs up on the website is the more you’ll make money without actually referring anyone.

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Like i said before, this is a global matrix structure platform and no referral links nor coupon code vendors will be made available. You’ll only need to register via the website and make a deposit of N1,000.

You are allowed to create as many accounts as you want on ace naira. There’s no limit. You are in control.

How Does Acenaira Make Their Own Money?

You’ve probably wondered if acenaira is a Ponzi scheme. No, the platform can actually pay for a long time without actually going bankrupt. Here’s how it looks like:

So, the system will give you a total of 340 downlines from Level 1-4. And from these levels you’ll earn a fraction of the N1,000s while the rest goes to the company. They are as follows:

  • Level 1 ~ N325 x 4users =N1,300
  • Level 2 ~ N225 x 16users =N3,600
  • Level 3 ~ N225 x 64users =N14,400
  • Level 4 ~ N125 x 256users =N32,000
  • Total Earning = N51,000

How Acenaira Works

Acenaira Sign Up | How To Register On Acenaira

Below are the steps you need to follow in order to sign up on acenaira:

  1. Visit
  2. Click the ‘sign up’ button
  3. Fill in your required info
  4. Tap on the submit button
  5. Fund your account

Acenaira is not just a Nigerian platform but other neighboring countries can register too. Other eligible African countries includes, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and South Africa.

How To Earn On Acenaira Platform

After your registration, you basically earn on acenaira without doing anything. No need to perform tasks or refer. You only need to wait as the system automatically assigns every person that registered before you to you, so you can earn and withdraw.

Acenaira Login

To login to your acenaira account, make use of the following details:

  • Username
  • Password

Acenaira Withdrawal | Minimum Withdrawal | Withdrawal Days & Time | How To Withdraw From Acenaira

The minimum withdrawal is N1,300 across all 4 levels. You can withdraw your money any day & time you want. You withdraw and get an instant credit alert.

Acenaira Withdrawal Methods

There are 3 withdrawal methods on acenaira, and they are:

  1. Bank transfer
  2. Chipper Cash
  3. Tron ( crypto )

Is Acenaira Legit?

Yes, acenaira is 100 percent legit. We say this because it’s currently paying and there has not been any complains about payments.

Is Acenaira Scam?

No, acenaira is not a scam. We can only conclude that a website is a scam if they failed to live up to their promises.

However, keeps your eyes fixed on this page as we would update this article, should they turn out to be something different in the future.


That is all we have to say regarding acenaira review. If you have questions about acenaira kindly drop a comment below. If you need help to sign up, message me on WhatsApp @ +2348081589232.


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