Xenova.tech review (Is Xenova technology Legit, Real or Scam?) How To Register, How It Works, Xenova Coupon Code

Xenova-tech-review is simply a Smart online business that pays you for Performing Simple Ad Tasks online, Affiliating the platform and Digital Products. You can make as much as ₦20K or more every week as a member on Xenova.

Xenova.tech review will discuss on “how Xenova works”, how to register/sign up, how to earn & withdraw and it’s legitimacy, that is, if they are legit, real or scam.

In this modern world, earning money online is one of the easiest and fastest ways people have ever come across. In Nigeria, there will be 122.5 million internet users by 2023.

Affiliate & Networking, and Freelance, is one of the many ways people tend to make huge income off the internet. The good news is that you can get in anytime and never too late.

It is also intriguing to know that some websites these days would actually pay you you to get some tasks done online such as following or liking pages on social media. One of those websites is Xenova .tech and this review will cover everything you need to know about this platform.

Before you register though I’m sure you would want to know how Xenova works and how to earn. Therefore it is important that we review this platform first. You reserve the right to register or not after getting to know what has to be known through this article. I advice you then to pay close attention to all the contents on this page.

About Xenova technology Platform (What is Xenova .tech All About?)

Xenova is an income platform that pays you for daily login, sharing daily post, Quiz, and Xenova Claim. You get a welcome bonus of N2,000 when you become a new member. While you earn N600 daily from tasks without referring anyone.

One thing you must know is that referring isn’t compulsory on Xenova.tech. However, It can actually maximize your income. For example, you’ll earn N3,500 for each person you refer, Indirect bonus of N200, and second indirect referral bonus of N100.

Asides daily earning you also get to learn and aquire topnotch skills, tell your friends about Xenova technology and earn passive income.

Xenova was launched on 18th August 2023. And this platform is aimed at rewarding members for surfing the internet at their own convenience.

How Does Xenova Works? (Xenova technology review)

Xenova technology is a platform that pays you for doing simply tasks online such as login in, Quizzes, performing tasks, affiliates, games, etc. You can earn up to N600 daily. This earnings can also be withdrawn to your bank account every month.

Xenova are capable of paying her members via the revenues earned from their websites through ads companies like. Google Adsense and sponsored contents. This way, members who can’t refer can get paid without stories.

Before you can start making money on xenova.net you need to become a member by signing up with a one time registration fee of N4,500. After registration you can start making money from carrying out your daily assigned tasks.

Xenova Earning Structure (Review)

  1. Registration fee N4,500
  2. Welcome bonus N2,000
  3. Daily site survey bonus N200
  4. Daily Xeno JobPost N300
  5. Daily XenoClaim N100
  6. Referral bonus N3,500 (not compulsory)
  7. Indirect referral bonus N200 (not compulsory)
  8. 2nd indirect referral N100 (not compulsory)

Xenova Sign up (How to register for xenova.net)

Xenova registration cost one-time fee of N4,500, which you’ll pay through buying coupon code and then using it for registration. The coupon code therefore makes up for your registration fee.

To begin, buy a coupon code below and head for registration in the second step:

Note: Without the coupon code, one can’t sign up. That’s why you need to buy the coupon code first. Your one-time coupon code payment makes up for your registration fee and you won’t have to pay any amount again.

Ensure to you follow these registration steps accurately, mentioned above. If you are having difficulties signing up, click here to chat me on WhatsApp. Or WhatsApp me @ +2348081589232 (WhatsApp only)

Xenova Coupon Code (how to purchase Xenova .tech coupon code)

Xenova coupon code cost N4,500. It makes up for your registration fee and you won’t have to pay any money again after buying a coupon code for registration. Buy coupon code via this link now.

Xenova Earn Money (How To Earn On xenova.tech)

To earn money on Xenova technology all you need to do is to login to your account daily to earn N200, earn N300 for sharing posts, as well as N100 from Xenova daily claim.

If you need to earn more than the above mentioned amount then you can showcase your network skills by referring people to join. Remember, it’s never compulsory to refer.

Each each daily task would always come with its Instructions daily on how to earn and it might differ from the other. Do well to follow through so as to earn. If you’re the type who can’t refer people then this platform is for you!

Xenova Affiliate Program

Affiliate/referral bonus on Xenova is N3,500. That is, when someone signs up using your referral link.

Indirect affiliate earnings is N300. That is, when someone you referred refers someone else.

Second referral referral earnings is N100. That is, when your second downline signs up another person.

Amazing, right?! However, you must note that referral is not compulsory. Meaning that even though you don’t know how to refer, you’ll still get paid.

Xenova app Login

Login to earnhive with your username and password you created your account with during registration.

Xenova Withdrawals – When, How To Withdraw/Cashout & Minimum Withdrawal

Xenova affiliate/referral bonus withdrawal takes place every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10-12pm. While non-referral earnings can be withdrawn on every 15th of the month.

Minimum withdrawal for referral or affiliate earnings is N7,000. While N20,000 is the minimum withdrawal for non-referrals.

Meeting the minimum threshold or amount to withdraw is the first requirements for withdrawal. Next, Login to your dashboard, tap on “Cashout” button and enter amount you wish to withdraw. Hit the withdrawal button when you are done filling out the required info. You’re supposed to receive alert between 0-48hrs after withdrawal.

Note: Make sure your bank account aligns with your given names you’re using before placing withdrawal.

Xenova Proofs Of Payments

Below here are proofs of payments for Xenova:

Is Xenova Legit? (xenova.tech review)

Yes. Xenova is legit. So far Xenova has proven to be legitimate through paying her members. There’s no reason to claim otherwise. So we can safely say that earnhive is safe. If you’re ready to register click here now.

If you have personally benefited from Xenova earning platform, please drop a positive review below in order to encourage others.

Is Xenova Scam?

No. Xenova isn’t a scam. A platform can be said to be a scam it fails to live up to its promise of paying the members. So far that hasn’t happen on Xenova. Therefore, Xenova isn’t scam. If in any way it stops paying, we’ll ensure to let you know about it.

Unique Features On Xenova

  1. Access to different Daily Digital courses: Xenova would be uploading different Digital courses daily for you to learn from, Digital Skills such as Programming, Coding, NFTs, Blockchain Technology, Advanced Crypto & Forex Analysis, E-commerce and so much more.
  2. Xenova Quiz feature: You get to participate in quizzes on Xenova and earn extra cash for correctly answering the questions.
  3. Xenova Marketplace feature: You get access to our e-commerce website to upload your products for Free and get up to 70% commissions per sales Made.
  4. Xenova VTU Enability: You can purchase data, airtime, DSTv & Netflix Subscription with your activity earnings and affiliate earnings and get it swiftly.
  5. Xenova Claim: Every Member on Xenova is eligible to earn extra income daily through the XenoClaim feature.
  6. Ranks and incentives: We will all have ranks on our dashboard and incentives for targets reached!
  7. Xenova Bet and prediction: Enables you to bet with nothing and win BIG, no risk involved
  8. Xenova users can also participate in our Daily Social Media Challenge.

Xenova Beauty Contest

All registered members on Xenova are eligible to compete in Weekly Contest like:

  1. Beauty & Talent Contest
  2. Affiliate & Referral Contest
  3. Sales & Top Promoters
  4. Top Daily Job Performer contest

Xenova.tech review

Winners in each of these categories would win mouth-watering prizes.

Why You Need To Join Xenova

Joining Xenova has the following advantages:

  1. A Xenova User has income potential of over ₦30K weekly & can transfer his earnings to another user no matter how small.
  2. A Xenova tech User can use his daily job earnings to buy airtime,data, subscribe for DStv, Netflix directly from the site.
  3. Every user has the ability to participate in the Daily Social Media Task & Weekly Contests to earn, apart from the normal affiliate & job earnings.
  4. You earn three times daily through Xenova Daily Jobs. That is, Daily Site Survey, Job Post & XenoClaim.
  5. Xenova would be hosting digital skills acquisition class on a unique telegram group, which would be taught by an expert in that particular skill you subscribed with Part of your daily job earnings to acquire.

Xenova technology review

Some of the skills which would be made available are:

  • Web designing
  • Graphics designing
  • Video animation
  • Video editing, etc.

Xenova Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: When was Xenova technology launched?

Answer: Xenova.tech was launched on 18th August.

Question: What are the payment methods available on Xenova?

Answer: Bank transfer is the only available payment method.

Question: It is compulsory to refer someone on Xenova before getting paid?

Answer: No

Question: Whom is Xenova for?

Answer: Nigerians.

Question: How long will Xenova last?

Answer: There is no certain time. But i believe it will last for long.

Question: How can i register on Xenova?

Answer: To register on Xenova simple click here follow up with the given Instructions.

Question: How can i refer/register someone on Xenova?

Answer: Follow the same steps you took while you registered, but this time making use of your referral link.

Question: Where can i find my referral link?

Answer: You can find your referral link on your dashboard after registration and logging into your account.

Question: I placed withdrawal but I’ve not been paid yet. Why?

Answer: Xenova will pay you between 0-48hrs after requesting for withdrawal.


From this review, we’ve been able to explain to you how Xenova works, if it’s legit or scam, how to register and make money, etc. We have been able to answer a lot of questions you were probably thinking about.

We can always assist you to register on earnhive should incase you find it confusing or complex, though it’s not. We’re available on WhatsApp 24/7. Click here to chat us now for registration.

Continue visiting gistus.com.ng for more reviews and make money online updates!

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