Usdtang Review – Is Legit, Crashed Or Scam?

Usdtang is an online platform which pays her members for performing simple tasks online. As a member of you will also earn commissions when you refer your friends.

There are a lot of opportunities online in which you could utilize and make a lot of money for yourself. Because of greediness, majorities of income platforms these days turns out to be rather a Scam and not Legit. So how can you know which platforms are truly legitimate? One way is by reading Reviews by us, such as this one. You’re officially welcomed to Review.

It is imperative that you go through this article review, word for word, rather than skipping out some context. By so doing, you would have familiarize yourself with every structure of the platform before deciding whether to join or not.

Disclaimer: We ( ) are not under any payroll for this Review. Which means that it is out of willingness that this Usdtang Review was written. The purpose of this article is not to promote nor condemn this or any other reviews available in this blog. However, this article was written in order to create awareness for those who might be looking for available income platforms to make money online.

Some of you reading this article might have already heard about Usdtang and thus probably wonder, is a Scam?, is Legit? or has Usdtang Crashed? If these queries were probably yours or similar, be sure to get your questions answered as this article were written just for you. Overview

Launched Date: 2nd September 2022

Legitimacy: Unknown

Current Status: New

About Usdtang Platform – What is

According to Usdtang about, they happened to be an investment platforms who’s aim is to reward her members daily return of investments ( ROI ) per their Investment packages.

This method or strategy platform makes use of is not far different from others who claim to pay members based of Investment. Question is, will they pay as they claimed? For how long? Or will they fold up within some few weeks just like other platforms.

One of the baseline used to determine a platforms intentions is by analysing its about. For example, website often shows information about a particular website, Informations like, when the website was created and when the domain is expiring. Well, what does whois says about Usdtang?

Usdtang legit or scam

As you can see in the above screenshot, Usdtang was registered on 02/09/2022 and expires 02/09/2022 ( exactly 1 year ). Which means it is intentionally built to last up to a year or less, depending on how things turns out to be in later times.

How does Usdtang Work? – Usdtang Review

Usdtang Works simply. Like i said before, this platform is not so different from other Investment platforms. Therefore, it normally involves opening up the site, signing up with your Informations, subscribing to a package and starting to earn.

Also, Usdtang seems to be foreign or international, in that it pays only via USDT ( crypto ) and not via Bank accounts.

On Usdtang you also earn money when someone registers and buys at least VIP 1 membership package.

Usdtang Investment Packages – Usdtang VIPs

Before one can start earning from Usdtang after registration, he needs to upgrade his membership. This means that one needs to purchase a VIP level.

There are at least 6 VIP levels available packages one can subscribe to, and they are:

  1. VIP 1 ( $50 )
  2. VIP 2 ( $500 )
  3. VIP 3 ( $2,000 )
  4. VIP 4 ( $5,000 )
  5. VIP 5 ( $10,000 )
  6. VIP 3 ( $50,000 )

You can choose from any of these above-mentioned packages and get to earn money daily. They more you invest on Usdtang is the more you’ll make. But be careful not to invest too much.

Usdtang Earnings – How Much Can You Earn?

Usdtang Earnings you receive is mainly based on your VIP level membership. As mentioned, some VIP levels or investment packages on Usdtang will definitely earn you income more than others. The more the merrier kind of thing.

Below here are what you can earn per VIP level you buy/purchase on Usdtang:

  • VIP 1 ( $50 )
  • Daily Earnings: $10

    Monthly Earnings: $30

    Minimum Withdrawal: $10

    Payable Currency: USDT ( US dollars tether )

  • VIP 2 ( $500 )
  • Daily Earnings: $50

    Monthly Earnings: $1,000

    Minimum Withdrawal: $10

    Payable Currency: USDT ( US dollars tether )

  • VIP 3 ( $2,000 )
  • Daily Earnings: $30,000

    Monthly Earnings: $100,000

    Minimum Withdrawal: $10

    Payable Currency: USDT ( US dollars tether )

  • VIP 4 ( $5,000 )
  • Daily Earnings: $50,000

    Monthly Earnings: $100,000

    Minimum Withdrawal: $10

    Payable Currency: USDT ( US dollars tether )

  • VIP 5 ( $10,000 )
  • Daily Earnings: $100,000

    Monthly Earnings: $300,000

    Minimum Withdrawal: $10

    Payable Currency: USDT ( US dollars tether )

  • VIP 6 ( $50,000 )
  • Daily Earnings: $200,000

    Monthly Earnings: $500,000

    Minimum Withdrawal: $10

    Payable Currency: USDT ( US dollars tether )

Usdtang Affiliate – Usdtang Referral Program

Usdtang compensates you with some earnings for referring people to it’s program. As an affiliate of Usdtang you’ll earn each time you refer people to register.

This is another opportunity to make money as a member, asides you basic daily earnings. However, note that referral is not compulsory on Usdtang. Meaning that you can withdraw your daily earnings even without referrals.

The more you refer people to Usdtang is the more you’ll earn. You can possibly earn up to $1,000 if you have a large audience.

How to Earn on Usdtang Platform

So far, we’ve talked about two main ways of earning on As a kindly reminder, the following ways you can make money on Usdtang are:

Investments: As a VIP level member who have invested on or purchased an investment package, you’ll earn daily stipends based on your Investments. In this criteria you’ll have to perform some easy daily tasks based on your Investments in order to earn.

Referrals: Referrals equals to more income! Usdtang offers you the opportunity to earn money online through people you refer to the platform. Not only will you receive commissions when they ( your referral ) purchase a membership, but you’ll also earn income each day they perform tasks on Usdtang.

Usdtang Withdrawals – How To Withdraw

Usdtang Withdrawals are simple to carry out. Minimum withdrawal for Usdtang members ( VIP 1 – VIP 6 ) are $10 only. You are only allowed to withdraw via USDT ( crypto ). You are not required to refer before withdrawal.

To withdraw on Usdtang you need to first of all add a USDT wallet address to your in your Usdtang account. That is, the wallet address you wish to withdraw your money to. Click on withdrawal button afterwards.

You can withdraw your money on Usdtang anytime and any day, provided you reach the minimum withdrawal.

Usdtang Review – Review

About Usdtang Review, there has not been a proof or evidence of payments yet. Not from our team ( ), nor from anyone yet. Perhaps because it’s barely 30 days since was launched.

For now, I’ll advise you to deal on Usdtang with caution! If you haven’t confirmed a payment proof from people yet then you should wait for a proof before you proceed to invest, otherwise abort mission!

This review might be updated as time goes on, probably with payment proofs or a clear red flag. We therefore advice you to stay updated, or perhaps bookmark this page for later use.

If you are reading this review now and probably have proof of payments or any word in support or against Usdtang, do well to drop your review below in the comments section.

Usdtang Registration – How to Join Usdtang

We have provided a quick tutorial on how to register or join Usdtang. Follow the steps below on how to perform your registration on Usdtang:

Step #1: Go to

Step #2: Create an account

Step #3: Buy membership

Step #4: Earn

N.B: It is always advisable to invest wisely on any online platform. would not be held accountable for any loss of funds resulted in investing on Usdtang.

Do your own research so as not to blame anyone for possible loss of funds in the future. It’s also mostly advice to join such platforms at their early stage and make profits before they crashes. And most importantly, invest what you can afford to loose at any point in time.

Usdtang Login – How to Login On Usdtang

To login on Usdtang you will need these following details:

  • Username
  • Password

Is Usdtang Legit?

Unconfirmed. It has not been confirmed yet wether Usdtang really pays or not. The platform is still fresh and might possibly start paying anytime soon. Incase we/you have confirmed its legitimacy, please be adviced to invest as little as possible. The Usdtang ROIs are already too exaggerated and it would be unwise to trip for such.

Is Usdtang Scam?

No. It has neither be comfirmed wether Usdtang is legit or scam. Neither has there been reports of people claiming to be scammed by Usdtang. However, we would keep our ears on the ground and update this review should there be any later adjustments.

You can also contribute to this review by dropping your own personal experience on Usdtang in the comments box below, and thank you in advance!


We have finally come to an end of our Usdtang Review, during which we were able to answer important questions such as, Is Usdtang Legit?, Is Usdtang a Scam? Or Has Usdtang Crashed?, And many others. Do come around next time to read honest reviews about online platforms such as these.

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