Top 10 Health Insurance Companies In Nigeria

There are several health insurance companies operating in Nigeria. Some of the most popular health insurance companies in Nigeria include:

1. AXA Mansard Health Insurance: AXA Mansard Health Insurance is a subsidiary of AXA Mansard Insurance PLC, a leading insurance company in Nigeria. The company offers a range of health insurance plans designed to cater to the healthcare needs of individuals, families, and organizations.

AXA Mansard Health Insurance

The health insurance plans offered by AXA Mansard Health Insurance include individual plans, family plans, and corporate plans. These plans cover a range of healthcare services such as inpatient care, outpatient care, dental care, maternity care, and emergency medical care.

One of the unique features of AXA Mansard Health Insurance is its telemedicine service, which allows policyholders to consult with doctors and healthcare professionals remotely via phone, video, or chat. This service is particularly useful for individuals who are unable to physically visit a hospital or clinic.

AXA Mansard Health Insurance also has a wide network of healthcare providers across Nigeria, including hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. This ensures that policyholders have access to quality healthcare services whenever they need it.

2. Hygeia HMO: Hygeia HMO is a health maintenance organization that provides health insurance services to individuals, families, and corporate organizations in Nigeria. They offer a range of health insurance plans that provide coverage for various healthcare needs, such as preventive care, outpatient care, inpatient care, maternity care, dental care, and more. Hygeia HMO has a network of healthcare providers that includes hospitals, clinics, and medical practitioners across Nigeria, enabling their members to access quality healthcare services at affordable rates.

Hygeia HMO

In addition to health insurance services, Hygeia HMO also provides wellness and health management programs aimed at promoting healthy living and preventing chronic diseases. These programs include health screenings, health coaching, disease management, and more.

3. Clearline International Limited: To underwrite health insurance in Nigeria, Clearline International Limited (HMO) is a limited liability company that was formally established with the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) in January 1994.

Clearline International Limited HMO

In order to meet the needs of individuals, families, groups, businesses, and the public sector, they give comprehensive healthcare plans. They ensure that enrollees have seamless access to primary, secondary, and tertiary medical treatment.

Clearline International Limited (HMO) offers attractive packages including Accommodation (Including feeding), Outpatient & Specialist consultation, Admissions, and Physiotherapy.

You can contact them using the following methods:

  • Address: 290 Ikorodu Road, Anthony. Lagos.
  • TEL: 0700CLEARLINE (0700-253275463), O1-4482520
  • Email:

4. Premium Health Limited: In order to provide health care services, Premium Health Limited became a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) in 1997. It increased our share capital from 100 million in 2006 to 500 million in 2010.

Since then, Premium Health Limited had increased from having 1,300 users to currently having over 250,000!

Premium Health Limited

It has continue to provide top-notch healthcare services that are tailored to meet the needs of people, families, and organizations in terms of healthcare and medical insurance.

Premium Health Limited primary address is at No 9 Royal Palm Drive, Osborne Phase 2, Ikoyi, Lagos 23401, NG.

5. Integrated Healthcare Limited: A limited liability firm called Integrated Health Care Limited was established to conduct the business of providing health management services. Under the Companies and Allied Matters Act of 1990, the Corporate Affairs Commission in Abuja incorporated the business with the RC No. 372504 in 2000.

Integrated Healthcare Limited

Since then, they have continuously provided top-notch healthcare services to their clients across the Nation for more than 21 years, establishing themselves as the HMO of choice. You can’t mentioned Top 10 Health Insurance Companies In Nigeria without mentioning Integrated Healthcare Limited.

You may reach out to Integrated Health Care Limited via the information below:

ADDRESS: No. 19, Jos Street, Area 3, Garki District, Abuja, Nigeria.

TEL: +2348051322662, +2349020008294, +2348097236759, +2348146120236

SMS / Whatsapp Only: +2348063206121


6. Total Health Trust Limited: Healthcare in Nigeria is made possible with the aid of Total Health Trust Limited (THT). They support healthcare providers in their efforts to provide quality care by making it possible for their clients to obtain affordable, dependable healthcare. In order for their partners and customers to prosper, this system handles healthcare.

Total Health Trust Limited

THT, a notable Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) in Nigeria, was established in 1997 and began activities in June of that same year. They have established a strong reputation in Nigeria thanks to their unmatched 18-year track record in the business, and they continue to be the HMO of choice for more than 300,000 members, 500+ corporate clients, and governmental organizations.

Over 1200 private and more than 5000 hospitals and clinics in Nigeria that have received NHIS accreditation make up one of the biggest networks of independent service providers owned by Total Health Trust Limited.

THT is currently located in Lagos, Nigeria. You can find out more information about them through their website:

7. Avon Healthcare Limited: Avon Healthcare is an Heirs Holdings Group subsidiary that was properly registered by the regulatory body (NHIS) to function as a national HMO in October 2012 but didn’t start activities until 2013. You can obtain high-quality healthcare whenever you need it thanks to their health plans, regardless of whether you’re an individual, family, association, or corporate organization.

When a member of their health plans becomes ill, has an accident, or is identified as having a health condition, Avon HMO steps in to organize your care and handle the financial obligations, making sure and supervising the provision of high-quality healthcare services that will help you recover.

Avon Healthcare Limited

In order to keep a healthy and effective workforce, Avon HMO also provides on-site health risk assessment, employee well-being, and occupational health management services.

Avon Healthcare Limited is trusted by several Nigerian businesses such as, Fidelity Bank, Sterling Bank, Honeywell, MTN, etc.

To access Avon HMO affordable healthcare plans, visit here

8. Roding Healthcare Limited: To meet the healthcare requirements of both private individuals and corporate organizations, Roding Healthcare Ltd., a division of The Roding Medical Centre Limited, was established in Nigeria.

Roding Healthcare Limited

Roding Healthcare Ltd corporate office is at No. 4 Makoko Road, Adekunle, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.

Check out their affordable health insurance packages via

9. Redcare Health Services Limited: A limited liability business, Redcare Health Services Limited (HMO), was established in April 2009 and is properly registered with the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).

Redcare Health Services Limited

They provide high-quality, reasonably priced healthcare services that are designed for people, families, businesses, and parastatals. They offer their clients top-notch healthcare solutions that are affordable, simple to use, and customized to meet their specific requirements.

You may contact them via the following details:

  • Lagos Head Office
  • 41 Gbolade Adebanjo Street,
  • Off Coker Road, Ilupeju. Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Phone number: 07007332273
  • Email:

10. United Healthcare International Limited: A limited liability business, United Healthcare International Limited was established in January 2000 and has held a license under the National Health Insurance Act 35 of 1999 ever since. They are listed among the Top 10 Health Insurance Companies In Nigeria and are authorized to participate in both the official and informal sectors of the Social Health Insurance Program run by the NHIA.

United Healthcare International Limited

UHI has made a name for itself as a dependable and trustworthy provider of health insurance coverage for people, families, and businesses over the past 20 years. Their vast network of more than 2,000 hospitals and specialty clinics throughout Nigeria guarantees that the people covered by their policies have access to high-quality healthcare whenever they need it.


These companies offer various health insurance plans, including individual and family health insurance, corporate health insurance, and group health insurance, among others. It is advisable to research and compare the various health insurance plans offered by these companies before choosing one that suits your needs.

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