SpinHunt Review: Is Spinhunt.com Legit, Real Or Scam? How To Register And Earn

Spinhunt is a new platform that can pay you for performing tasks online. But before your register you need to read this spinhunt review. It is important so that you’ll get answers to important questions such as, is Spinhunt Legit? Is Spinhut.com Scam? Or is SpinHunt Real? In this article we’ll also talk about how to register, earn and withdraw on spinhunt.com.

There are many reasons why you would want to make money online in Nigeria. It could be that you are independent and likely need to settle your bills. However, you also need to be aware that some online platforms are just there to scam you off your money and off they go. Which is why you need to a review like this so as to analyze wether it’s actually recommended to put in your funds.

About Spinhunt Platform – What is Spin Hunt All About?

Spinhunt is all about performing simple tasks online and getting paid while doing so. As a member, you could earn up to 2,000 Naira daily and possibly 60,000 monthly. Well, how true is this claim? Could you actually earn so much from this platform? Read on to find answers to this and many other questions.

Spinhunt has a total of 4 packages that you can subscribe to and make money online, and they are:

4. MLM

You can go for any packages of your choice depending on your your interest. How you earn and withdraw will be based on the package you choose. We’ll talk more about how to these packages works and how to register.

How Does Spinhunt Work? – How spinhunt.com Works

Here’s how it works. So the whole scope is to choose a package, register and start earning. To earn you need to spin a wheel on the site. How much you earn depends solely on the package you choose. You can earn and withdraw on spinhunt without having to refer. However, you stand to earn more than a regular member when you refer.

You may wonder, how does spinhunt get money to pay you? Spinhunt make profits from ads displayed on their website, registration fees, and sponsored post on their website. These commissions are partly shared to qualifying members while they manually click on the cash out button to get paid via bank transfer.

For registration you can DM us on WhatsApp @ +2348068263937. The benefits you get from signing up with us includes being guided and free ebook on how to get referrals for free.


Spinhunt Investment Packages – Spinhunt Earning | How To Earn On Spinhunt.com

There are 4 investments packages available on Spinhunt.com, they are:


On Spinton Package you register with a one-time sign up fee of 3,000 Naira. After registration you’ll earn an instant welcome bonus of 1,000 Naira. Right after that you are expected to spin a wheel every 12 hours.
Spinhunt review - Spinton Package

Between this hours of the day you’ll earn between 100 Naira to 150 Naira. Estimated earnings for non-referrals (activities earnings) in 30 days is 9,000 Naira.

Referral bonuses on the spinton package is 2,000 Naira. While indirect referral bonus is 200 Naira. This means that if the person you referred refers someone else you’ll earn too.

Although referring isn’t compulsory, you can actually make a fortune off it! Imagine referring two people daily to earn 120,000 Naira in a space of one month.


Spinhub package is quite similar to spinton in terms of tasks, just the difference in earning amount. Registration fee for the spinhub package is 5,000 Naira. As a new member you’ll 2,000 Naira as welcome bonus.

Spinhunt review - Spinhub Package

As for the activities earnings you will earn 500 Naira to 600 Naira every 24 hours from spinning wheels. At the end of the month you should end up with 18,000 Naira from your activities.

You earn commissions when you refer people to join spinhunt. For spinhub package you will receive 3,000 Naira for each referral. First indirect referral bonus on this package is 200 Naira, while second indirect referral bonus is 100 Naira.

If you are good in referring then this is an opportunity to earn massively on spinhunt.com. If you set a daily target of referring 2 people daily on this package, you can earn 180,000 in just one month. But even though you can’t refer, you’ll still get paid.


As the name implies, Jumbo, you earn big on this package. You also don’t need to refer. Jumbo package costs 2,000 Naira to join. Referral bonus for jumbo package is 500 Naira.

Spinhunt review - Jumbo Package

So what do you do after registration? After registration you’ll be given 8 slots spinning attempt. Which means that you can only spin 8 times, while your package expires right after that. For each spins you are likely to earn between 1000 Naira to 4,000 Naira.


MLM package is purely based on referrals, unlike all other packages. This means that if you do not know how to refer then the Multi level marketing package is not for you.

On the MLM package you are required to refer 2 people with your referral link. Then those two people must refer two people each. As soon as that happens you must have completed a cycle. Thus, you will withdraw a total sum of 13,000 Naira. It’s a similar structure we have in purenetwork intel

Spinhunt review - MLM Package

But how do we arrive at this 13,500? Immediately you sign up you’ll receive an inactive sum of 12,000 on your dashboard. When you refer two people you’ll earn N1,000, that is, N500 each. Then when you complete a cycle you will earn extra N500. That’s to say N1,500 + 12,000 = N13,500.

The company promises incentives as you reach different stages or levels. You can reach this levels by completing cycles continuously.

Spinhunt Withdrawal Days: How To Withdraw On Spin Hunt | Spinhunt Minimum Withdrawal & Withdrawal Time

Withdrawals on Spinhunt are being held on daily and monthly basis. What do i mean? You can withdraw either daily between Mondays to Fridays by 8am or once in a month.

For non-referral earnings ( activities earnings ), ie, the money you earn from spinning wheels can only withdraw on the 30th of the month. Minimum withdrawal for non-referral/activities earnings and referral withdrawal is 4,000 Naira.


For Jumbo package there is no minimum withdrawal and you can withdraw whatever you have earned daily.

Spinhunt Earning

There are two major ways you can earn on spinhunt.com. They are:

Tasks (Spinning Wheels): Tasks performing or spinning wheels to earn on spinhunt is made especially for those that can’t refer but wants to earn and get paid.

Referrals: This is an avenue that rewards you for referring people to spinhunt income program. As an affiliate you earn more than an average person. Unlike tasks earnings, there is no limit to what you can earn from referring people to join spinhunt.

Is Spinhunt Legit?

Yes, spinhunt is legit. Spinhunt has proven to be paying just as they claimed. That’s why we basically conclude that they are really legit. I’ve attached payment proofs below.

Is Spinhunt Scam?

No, Spinhunt is not scam. The reason we say this is because spinhunt is currently paying and has not crashed.

However, this doesn’t mean they can last forever. But be sure that we will update you via this article as soon as they deviate from their intended purpose. Which means we’ll constantly update this spinhunt review in order to keep you updated.

Spinhunt Payments Proofs

Here are few compilation of proof of payments from spinhunt:
Spinhunt review, Spinhunt proof of payments

Spinhunt Registration – How to Join/Signup On Spinhunt

Below here is how to register on spinhunt platform:

  1. Buy Coupon Code: Click here
  2. Use The Registration Link: After buying coupon code use this link for registration
  3. Fill Your Details: The registration link will open where you can fill your information.
  4. Proceed To Register: After filling your details click the sign up button.

During registration make sure that your details you fill in are accurate. Your name should also match with that of your bank account. If you yet to register, you can send me a message on WhatsApp for registration guide via +2348068263937.

Spinhunt Login – How To Login Spinhunt

For spinhunt login you’ll need the following details:

Login link


We have finally come to the conclusion of spinhunt review. We have been able to answer questions such as, how does spinhunt.com works?. Is spinhunt intel legit?, Is SpinHunt Scam? If you ha e benefited from spinhunt do well to a positive review. Reach out to us on WhatsApp @ +2348068263937 for spinhunt registration.

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