Review (Is Primeshares Legit, Real Or Scam?) How To Register, Earn & How It Works

Primeshares is an income platform which pays you $1 (₦500) daily for sharing trends. You earn $6.4 (₦3,200) for each person you refer to primeshares.

In this review, we’ll discuss on “how primeshares works”, how to register/sign up, how to earn & withdraw and it’s legitimacy, that is, if primeshares are legit or scam.

As an average Nigerian you’ll agree with the fact that everyone needs side hustles which keeps bringing money into your pocket. Are you a student, housewife, unemployed or currently broke? Primeshares can be your chance of changing your financial story positively.

The fastest way to make money in this country is through online. E.g Blogging, Vlogging, Forex, etc. However, we want to teach you today the simplest way to make money online without much stress, this is where we bring in Primeshares.

Primeshares earnings are in dollars, for the sake of foreigners who cares to join. As a Nigerian you’ll be paid directly to your bank account.

This platform is set to open rooms to making money unlimitedly, and to other goodies that’ll talk about in the latter paragraphs.

Primeshares review should be important to you as it is to us. Because this is where we discuss in length everything you need to know them. From this review you can then decide if it is safe for you to register or not. Therefore, give attention to every details that will be given out in this article.

About Platform (What is Primeshares All About?)

Primeshares is an income platform which pays you for sharing daily trends. In a day you can earn $1 (₦500) without referring anyone trends. In a month that’s $30 (₦15,000).

Referring isn’t compulsory on primeshares. It’s a way to increase your income. Referral bonus for each person is $6.4 (₦3,200), first level spillover is $0.60 (₦300), while second spillover is $0.2 (₦100).

When you first sign up, you’ll receive a welcome bonus of $5 (₦2,500)

Transfer of earnings is available. You can transfer a minimum of $12 (₦6,000) to a primeshare member account. More like P2P.

Also get to enjoy diverse skill acquisition programs, as well as games and lotteries for the lucky ones.

Primeshares has only one registration package, which cost a one-time sign up fee of $8 (₦4,000). This platform has chosen to focus on one package and therefore channels it’s full energy into it.

Fortunately, primeshares is also made available for Ghanaians and Cameroonians. If you’re from Ghana, registration fee one time registration fee cost 113 Cedis while for Cameroonians the sign up fee is 6200XAF. For how much you’ll earn after registration, check the image below. We’ll also talk more of the earning structure for all countries eligible to join below.

Primeshares earning structure for Ghana

One package is better than multiples, in my opinion. Because it would be easier for the company to fulfill it’s goals much easier. Primeshares again has done what many platforms weren’t capable of, operating outside the country!

Primeshares was launched on April 1st, 2023. And this platform is aimed at rewarding members for surfing the internet.

How Does Primeshares Work? ( Review)

Primeshares works very simple. You only need to register, complete tasks, earn and withdraw. Your work as a primeshares member is to share daily trends assigned to you.

Primeshares are capable of paying her members through ads displayed on their website as well as sponsored contents. These above mentioned avenues in turn generates revenues. This way, members who can’t refer can get paid

Before you can start making money on primeshares (, you need to become a member by signing up with a one time registration fee of $8 (₦4,000) only. In this review, you are also going to learn how to making money right way, after your registration.

Primeshares Ebook Promotion, Sell & Commissions

Selling ebooks is another mega way you could earn on When it comes to this aspect, you do not have to perform any daily tasks nor refer. The only thing you need is your selling skills. Primeshares makes it even more easier that an ebook can be sold at $10, which in turn aids more sales opportunity.

To sale an ebook you must be a registered member already. As a member you’ll already see some ebooks on your dashboard which you could sell immediately or even buy for yourself if you are interested in them.

Some available and high in demand ebooks on primeshares includes:

1. Grow From Zero To Millions

2. Top 5 Hidden Ways To Get Referrals

3. Trading Using Trend lines

When you make a sale of an ebook, the author earns 20% while the promoter who made the sale earns 70% commissions per sale.

Primeshares Ebook selling & promotion

Selling ebooks isn’t mandatory but an optional way to make money as a good promoter. So, if you’re not good in selling, you can stick to performing daily tasks to earn from primeshares. Either ways, you don’t loose.

Primeshares Registration | How To Join Primeshares (Primeshares coupon code)

Primeshares registration cost one-time fee of N4,000, which you’ll pay through buying primeshares coupon code and then using it for registration. The coupon code therefore makes up for your registration fee.

To begin, buy a coupon code below and head for registration in the second step:

  1. Buy coupon code here
  2. Use this link to register
  3. Fill your information
  4. Create account

Note: Without the coupon code, one can’t sign up. That’s why you need to buy the coupon code first. Your one-time coupon code payment makes up for your registration fee and you won’t have to pay any amount again.

Below here are some successful registration done through us on primeshares. So, if you’re set to join us, click here now

Primeshares ( registration

Primeshares registration

Primeshares payment and registration

Ensure to you follow these registration steps accurately, mentioned above. If you are having difficulties signing up, click here to chat me on WhatsApp.

Primeshares Earn Money (How To Earn On Primeshares/

After joining, here is how to earn/make money on primeshares:

After you must have opened an account, you now need to perform tasks in order to earn. These tasks are just to click on a link and share it via social media.

To earn money sharing trends on primeshares, click on the menu icon and select “Trend”. Now, find a share button below the most recent task and share. You’ll earn $1 (₦500) immediately you complete the day’s trend/task.

If you’re the type that does not like referring, primeshares is for you! You could be earning as much as ₦500 per day carrying out tasks in the site.

Primeshares Referrals/Affiliate Program

  • Referral bonus on primeshares is ₦3,200. That is, when someone signs up using your referral link.
  • Indirect referral is ₦300. That is, when someone you referred refers someone else.
  • Second indirect referral is ₦100. That is, when your second downline signs up another person.

Amazing, right?! However, you must note that referral is not compulsory. Meaning that even though you don’t know how to refer, you’ll still get paid. Login/Sign in Account

To login on primeshares is pretty simple. Simply make use of your registered username and password to sign in after a successful registration.

Primeshares Other Goodies/Benefits

Publish E-book and earn 20% commissions from every e-book that gets sold by promoters. While promotes gets 70%

Buy Volatile Shares and earn 5-15% monthly. Volatile Shares quotes are $50, $100 and $200. You could earn extra income when you refer others to purchase shares. For $50 shares you earn 5%, for $100 you earn 3%, and for $200 volatile shares you earn 1.6%.

You can withdraw you commissions you earn via volatile shares affiliate anytime you wish.

Primeshares Withdrawals – When, How To Withdraw & Minimum Withdrawal

Primeshares referral bonus withdrawal is twice weekly (Mondays and Thursdays). While non-referral/PS trends earnings withdrawals are on every 2nd of the month. Time for withdrawal is 10am to 12pm.

Primeshares minimum withdrawal for referral earnings is $10 (₦5,000). While for non-referral it’s $40 (20,000 points).

To withdraw/cashout on primeshares do the following:

  • Meet the minimum requirements
  • Login to your dashboard
  • Tap on “Cashout” button
  • Enter amount you wish to withdraw
  • Enter your bank details
  • Click on “submit”
  • Wait for alert (b/w 24hrs)

Note: Your bank account must tally with your given names you’re using before placing withdrawal.

Primeshares Earning Structure For Nigeria

  • Registration ₦4,000
  • Sign up Bonus ₦2500
  • Share Trend ₦500
  • Referral Bonus ₦3,200
  • First Level Spillover ₦300
  • Second Level Spillover ₦100

Primeshares earning structure for Nigeria

Primeshares Earning Structure For Ghana

  • Registration fee 113 CEDIS
  • Sign up Bonus 2500 points
  • Share Trend 113 CEDIS
  • Referral Bonus 86 CEDIS
  • First Level Spillover 8 CEDIS
  • Second Level Spillover 3 CEDIS
  • Minimum affiliate withdrawal 135 CEDIS
  • Minimum activities withdrawal 20,000 points

Primeshares Earning Structure For Cameroon

  • Registration fee 6200XAF
  • Sign up Bonus 2500
  • Daily earning 500XAF
  • Referral Bonus 4200XAF
  • First Level Spillover 400XAF
  • Second Level Spillover 130XAF
  • Minimum affiliate withdrawal 7,000XAF
  • Minimum activities withdrawal 20,000 points

Primeshares Proofs Of Payments

Below here are proofs of payments for primeshares:

Primeshares withdrawal proof

Primeshares payment/Withdrawal proof

Primeshares payment proofs

Non-affiliate/Share Trend Earners Incentives

Primeshares gives out incentives to her active members. And a sign of being an active member will reflect via how much you earn.

Primeshares is once again proving that you can possibly benefit from its platform without referrals. First was ‘perform tasks and earn”, now is “become active and earn”.

Below here are cool prizes you will win if you meet the following incentives criteria:

  1. Earn up to $300 worth of Trends earnings and win a brand new laptop.
  2. Earn $230 and Win a brand new Smartphone

Affiliate Incentives

As much as referrals are not compulsory on primeshares, you could still win some amazing prizes if you are so good in referring.

Below here are some prizes you stand a chance to win the more you refer people to join primeshares using your referral link:

  1. 100 referrals: An automated washing machine. (Can also be given in cash of N50,000)
  2. 300 referrals: A brand new laptop.
  3. 500 referrals: A brand new iPhone 11 Pro Max or Samsung S21 Ultra.
  4. 1000 referrals: A brand new iPhone 13 Pro Max or PS(PlayStation) 5.

Primeshares incentives

Get all these prizes delivered to your address or paid to you in cash. Affiliate incentives can be claimed every 22nd of the month.

Primeshares Skills/Classes (PSS)

You can now learn skills with your Trends/PS earnings every 25th of the month. Each of these skills costs $35. So even though you don’t get to withdraw, you could put your earnings into good use. Below here are the available primeshares skills (PSS):

  1. Advanced website development classes.
  2. Advanced IOS and Android app creation.
  3. Advanced copywriting courses.
  4. Advanced Forex skills classes.
  5. Advanced graphics design classes.
  6. Advanced Instagram and Facebook Ads classes.
  7. Advanced mini importation classes.
  8. Advanced UI/UX design classes.
  9. Advanced WhatsApp Media classes.
  10. Advanced YouTube monetization classes.

You can pay for these skills/classes directly from your dashboard by tapping on the particular class or skills you want to purchase.

Is Primeshares Legit? (Primeshares review)

Yes. Primeshares is legit. Primeshares has been confirmed to be legit and paying. Though recently launched, this platform is really paying and very legitimate.

The above screenshots also stands as proof that primeshares is legit and paying. For registration on primeshares click here chat me up on WhatsApp now.

If you have personally benefited from primeshares platform, please drop a positive review below in order to encourage others.

Non-referral withdrawal and pay is also realistic on primeshares. Below here are some recent paid people who didn’t refer anyone.

Primeshares non-referral withdrawal

Primeshares non-referral withdrawal

Is Primeshares A Scam?

No. Primeshares is not scam. The reason is that this platform is still keeping to it’s promise of paying her members.

If in any way it stops paying we’ll ensure to let you know, so that you’ll know when to stop joining. This article will be updated of that occurs.

You can also contribute to the success of this primeshares review by sharing with us your own part of the story concerning primeshares, via the comments section below.

Primeshares Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Who is the owner of Primeshares?

Answer: The CEO of Primeshares is John Doe. Don’t get me wrong, i mean he’s anonymous.

Question: What are the payment methods available on primeshares?

Answer: Bank transfer is the only available payment method.

Question: It is compulsory to refer someone on primeshares before getting paid?

Answer: No

Question: Whom is primeshares for?

Answer: Primeshares is for every Nigerian and Ghanian

Question: How long will primeshares last?

Answer: There is no certain time. But i believe it will last for long.

Question: How can i register on primeshares?

Answer: For primeshares registration use this link or chat us on WhatsApp for guidance @ +2348081589232.

Question: How can i refer/register someone?

Answer: Follow the same protocol you registered, but while making use of your referral link.

Question: Where can i find my primeshares referral link?

Answer: You can find your referral link on your dashboard after registration and logging into your account.

Question: I placed withdrawal but I’ve not been paid yet. Why?

Answer: Primeshares will pay you between 24-48hrs after requesting for withdrawal.

Question: When was primeshares launched?

Answer: primeshares was launched on 1st April, 2023.


From this review, we’ve been able to explain to you how primeshares works, if it’s legit or scam, how to register and make money, etc. We have been able to answer a lot of questions you were probably thinking about.

We can always assist you to register on primeshares should incase you find it confusing or complex, though it’s not. We’re available on WhatsApp 24/7. Click here to chat us now for registration.

Continue visiting for more reviews and make money online updates!


    1. 2nd of every month is for non-referrals (trend earnings) in which they need to reach a threshold of $40 before they can withdraw. On the other hand, minimum withdrawal for referral earnings is that $10 and you can withdraw between every Mondays and Thursdays.

      1. What if someone transfers $ to me and it’s not 2nd of the month but it has completed 40$ can it still be withdrawn

  1. Am to have my $40 on the 9th of next month cant i withdraw on that 9th or is it mandatory on the 2nd of next month??

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