MTN Unlimited Free Browsing Using Stark Vpn Reloaded

MTN unlimited free browsing has been everywhere since few days ago. This free browsing can be achieved using different apps like ha tunnel and many others. Some people already have difficulties connecting this free browsing with the ha tunnel i posted earlier.

That’s one of the reason i decided to come up with the stark Vpn reloaded edition of unlimited free browsing. Additionally, this Stark Vpn free browsing is quite faster than that of ha tunnel. Note that it’s recommended to use a SIM without mobile data, otherwise it will get drained.

Alright, so let’s get get down to business. In this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to activate MTN unlimited free browsing using stark Vpn reloaded. Good thing about this method is that you don’t need a configuration file. Meaning that it won’t expire except MTN decides to block it one day.

MTN Unlimited Free Browsing Requirements

Like i said before, you don’t need config. file. You only need to pass through 2 requirements, namely:

  • Android Phone
  • MTN SIM card
  • Stark Vpn Reloaded Apk (Download Here)

This cheat is only available on Android phone. As an Android user you only have to download the the Stark Vpn Reloaded app on playstore via the link above. Up next is setting up the app for free browsing.

How To Configure MTN Unlimited Free Browsing Via Stark Vpn Reloaded App

Step #1. Open up the just downloaded Stark Vpn Reloaded and change your tweak from ‘Custom Settings’ to ‘NG – UNLIMITED 2022’.

Stark Vpn Reloaded free browsing - MTN

Step #2. Click on the red power button to turn on your Stark Vpn.

MTN unlimited free browsing using stark Vpn

Step #3. Wait for some for at least 30 secs. for it to be connected. If it takes longer than that, kindly disconnect and connect again.

Take note that it’s only when it’s written ‘CONNECTED’ that it will work. If it’s written ‘CONNECTING’ keep trying until you get the ‘CONNECTED’ message.

Stark Vpn Reloaded App


We have come to the end of our MTN Unlimited Free Browsing Using Stark Vpn Reloaded Tutorial. If you were able to connect and browse for free as seen in this webpage, please leave a positive review as this will encourage me to keep posting more about free browsing such as this.

Are you having difficulties connecting or have questions you might need answers to concerning this free browsing? Drop them below in the comments section.

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